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24 Unbearable Struggles You Face When Trying To Revise In The Library

The library is a great place to get away from it all and revise. Or is it? The struggles and setbacks are everywhere.

1. Feeling really motivated to do work but then it’s all ruined when you fail to find a seat.

2. Spending more time searching for books than actually reading them.



3. Never being near a free plug socket when your battery is running low.

4. Eduroam being slow or not connecting at all. Because it just loves to make life even more difficult.



5. In fact, all technology being out to get you just when you need it most.

6. Really needing the toilet but not wanting to lose your prime spot.

7. Feeling really awkward just walking around because it’s so quiet.

8. Which inevitably ends in you making some kind of scene because you still don’t really know how things work.

9. Getting distracted by absolutely everything.


11. And feeling so uncomfortable all the time.

12. Having to put up with other people talking non-stop.

13. And hoping someone else tells them to shut up before you have to do it.

14. Except when you’re so unmotivated that you’re using their conversation as an escape from revision.

15. Spending most of your time thinking about how hungry you are.

16. But not wanting to eat anything in case everyone judges how loudly you chew.

17. Losing faith in your fellow students. Because apparently the library brings out the worst in them.

18. Especially when there’s a couple near you who simply dgaf about boundaries.

19. Or when someone dishes out a full-blown meal that stinks out the whole room.

20. Getting side-tracked by library crushes and worrying more about how awful you look than how little revision you’ve done.



21. Comparing how much time you’ve spent in the library to how much you’ve actually achieved.

22. Coming to terms with the fact that, in the library, nothing goes your way.

23. And failing to remember why you even thought it would be a good idea to go. 

24. All the while, narrowly resisting the urge to pack it in and let fate decide the outcome of your exams.

Can I go home now? 😪

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