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25 Dissertation Problems That Will Haunt You For The Rest of Your Student Life

As Spring approaches, so do the dissertation worries.

1. Between now and May, your dissertation basically becomes your life.

Forget everything else.

2. You’ll seriously regret not starting sooner.

3. The fear of boring the person who marks it in the first paragraph is real.

4. And you’ll battle over this difference throughout the whole thing.

5. You’ll try and fail to motivate yourself.

6. And will resort to your usual habits.

7. A time will come when you’ll need to take drastic measures to get shit done.

8. Because you really just need to get on with it.

9. You’ll battle with other students for that perfect spot in the library.

10. Word will 100% not be your friend.

11. And you’ll want to quit. A lot.

12. Your friends will prove to be unhelpful.

13. And you’ll start to feel overwhelmed.

14. Particularly when your room looks like this.

15. In your stressed, disorientated state, you’ll lash out in the text.

16. And will have to proofread meticulously to get rid of all the cries for help.

17. Instead of alcohol, you’ll spend all your money on snacks just to get you through the day.

18. And you’ll develop an unhealthy relationship with caffeine.

19. When you eventually meet up with your supervisor, you’ll use everything and anything as an excuse.

20. People inevitably finish before you and you try your best to avoid their dissertation selfies.

21. Meanwhile D-Day is edging closer and you feel a lot like this.

22. You realise how true this statement is.

23. And eventually you won’t even be able to hear the word “dissertation” without freaking out.

“The D who must not be named”

24. But when you finally finish, the relief and excitement is like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

25. Then you just have to get it printed and bound…


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