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27 Things You Learn To Love About Being a University Student

University life can be stressful at times, but for the most part it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Can we live like this forever?

1. Having independence when you want it…

2. But also being able to fall back on your parents when you really need them.

3. You live by your own rules and your own sleeping pattern.

4. And can eat whatever and whenever you want.

5. Living with people who love pizza just as much as you do.

“Domino’s?” “YES”

6. And have just as little will power…

“Pub?” “Oh I really shouldn’t but YES”

7. Being able to join any society and do pretty much anything for free(ish).

If you can be bothered to attend the meetings that is.

8. Student loan day.

It’s glorious while it lasts. Which isn’t long.

9. Not having to pay tax.

10. How you can get out of family parties back home just by saying “I’m at uni”.

11. Having snowball fights on campus in winter.

12. And BBQs in the summer.

13. Being able to drink midweek when the rest of the world is at work.

14. Those days when you just can’t so decide to watch TV instead.

15. Meeting new people all the time.

16. How your lecturers treat you like a real person – unlike your school teachers.

17. Waking up to drunken snapchats.

Until you realise you’re actually watching your own story and want to die.

18. Getting a free burger or McFlurry when you go to McDonald’s.

Thank you again, student card.

19. Your overdraft. Which has saved you many times.

Just don’t think about how you’ll eventually have to pay it off…

20. Bumping into people you know wherever you go.

Lost your friends on a night out? No dramas, there’s that guy from your course who you can stand with for a while.

21. There’s always someone you can watch a film or play FIFA with.

22. House parties.

Students do them best.

23. When your parents visit and take you shopping.

24. The times you actually manage to cook a big meal with your housemates.

25. The feeling you get when you say something correct in a seminar.

26. 24 hour shops.

Life savers whenever you’re pulling an all-nighter.

27. But the best thing is how true this statement is.





Want to write an article like this?

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