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27 Unforgivable Things Your Housemates Will Do To You at University

The people you live with at university will likely be your friends for a long time. But there are occasions when you just want them out.

1. They will steal your food.

2. And keep you up at night.

3. Then they will complain about you keeping them up at night.

4. They won’t let you put the heating on when you’re cold.

5. But they’ll probably turn it on when it’s too warm.

6. They will use your Netflix account to watch their guilty pleasures.

7. And will ruin your save on the video game you’re playing.

8. They will balance rubbish on top of rubbish instead of just taking the bins out.

9. They’ll let the dishes pile up.

10. And will vomit after a night out and not clean it up.

11. They will hog the bathroom when you have a lecture to get to and they don’t.

12. They’ll mess with your pre-drink playlist.

13. They won’t ever buy milk.

14. They’ll invite attractive friends round to your house when you’re sat in pyjamas watching Traffic Cops.

15. And throw parties at the most inappropriate times.

16. They will convince you to order Domino’s when a) you’re too poor and b) you’ve already eaten pizza like 4 times that week.

17. Then bin the leftovers you were saving for breakfast.

18. They will make you feel guilty every time you say “no” to a night out.

19. It’s likely they will infect you.

20. They’ll use your quilted Andrex then replace it with sandpaper.

21. They won’t help you clean up when your parents are coming to visit.

22. There’ll be times when they cook something great without offering any to you.

23. But also times when they just mess everything up.

24. They won’t appreciate your essay revision schedule.

25. And if you’re really lucky you’ll hear them having sex in communal areas.

26. They’ll be inappropriate with their pubic hair.

27. And after all that, they will eventually commit the ultimate sin.

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