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31 Questions You Didn’t Expect To Be Asking Yourself In Your Final Year of University

You’re nearly half way through your final ever year of education. And with people starting to secure post-uni internships and jobs, you’ll inevitably feel confused, angry, and have a lot of questions.

1. What is wrong with me?

2. Why am I no closer to figuring out my life than I was in year 11?

3. And why does everyone else seem to have things together?

4. Am I going to leave uni with no prospects whatsoever?

5. Can I just be a student forever?

6. I’d get on to a Masters’ course, right?

7. Could I actually teach English as a foreign language?

8. What if I intentionally got held back a year?

9. Is that even a thing?

10. Why didn’t my school do more to help me?

11. Am I beyond help?

12. Why am I even doing this degree?

13. Is it even going to help me or just get me in a shit ton of debt?

14. Why aren’t my parents more successful and generous?

15. People don’t really have their lives sorted yet do they?

16. Surely it’s too early to even be thinking about all this?

17. Wtf is a grad scheme?

18. Should I be applying for those?

19. What do you mean the deadline has already passed!?

20. Am I this far behind?

21. Does everyone else know about this? Why weren’t we warned?

22. How is it even possible to plan that far ahead?

23. Forget learning about referencing, why aren’t they teaching us this?

24. Should I be speaking to careers advisers right now?

25. And does my tutor even know who I am?

26. How many times do I have to fend off questions about my future before I have an actual answer?

27. Why do I not feel any more intelligent than when I was doing GCSE?

28. Am I ever going to get the grade I want?

29. Will all the answers to my life just come to me as soon as I graduate?

30. I can afford to ignore everything a little longer, right?

31. I thought university was supposed to give you direction and possibilities – when does that happen exactly?

Everything will be okay eventually… yes?? 😅

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