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32 Rookie Mistakes You Probably Made In Your First 7 Days of University

Your first week of university is done. And what have you got to show for it? A collection of mishaps and mistakes. 

 1. Going to the supermarket in the morning instead of the evening when everything is reduced.

 2. Not getting to know your surroundings before getting drunk and lost.

 3. Thinking that the only way to make friends is to drink 100x more alcohol than you can handle.

 4. And then throwing up everywhere in front of people you barely know.

 5. Spending all night awkwardly dancing to music you hate because that’s what everyone else was doing.

 6. Sleeping with someone who lives in the dorm opposite you and never being able to live it down.



 7. Rushing into a lecture and sitting down before realising that it’s actually the completely wrong lecture theatre and you have to get straight back up and leave.

 8. Taking a set of cutlery and pans when every single person you’re living with also brought a set.

 9. Thinking it was a good idea to come home from a night out with some form of road sign. Then not knowing what to do with it the morning after.

 10. Getting locked out because you left your keys in your room.

 11. And then doing it again just a day later.

 12. Ignoring your emails throughout Freshers’ Week, not realising that your course coordinator had set you a project.



 13. Refusing to check your bank balance.

 14. Thinking you can charge your phone or laptop while you’re out when actually you have no electric without your keycard.

 15. Getting a taxi to the wrong club.

 16. Putting your trust in Value Vodka.

 17. Getting on the bad side of the cleaners, neighbours, wardens, landlords – everyone who has the power to make the rest of your year a nightmare.

 18. Labelling your food and forever being known as the gimp who labelled their food.



 19. Not taking your own detergent to the laundrette. Or even putting any in.

 20. Putting all your posters up with bluetack. You’ll regret this when the deposit times come.

 21. Missing out on free Domino’s, Subway or any other food at Freshers’ Fair because you arrived too late / not at all.

 22. Buying a flat sheet instead of a fitted one.

 23. Taking a shit ton of candles and not being able to light them.

 24. Paying for a taxi somewhere because you don’t know where it is and realising it’s just 5 minutes down the road.

 25. Guessing where someone is from based on their accent and getting it completely wrong.



 26. And generally proving how bad you are at geography when meeting new people from all over the country.

 27. Not remembering your housemate’s name and getting to the point where it is too late to ask.

 28. Breaking something that isn’t yours. Great way to make a good first impression.

 29. Leaving your Facebook open somewhere.

 30. Taking a George Foreman when you could have just relied on someone else to do that for you.

 31. Signing up to more societies than you could ever possibly join and then getting spammed by them for 3 years.

 32. Telling a small lie about yourself and having to maintain it for the rest of the year.



Oh well. You have three years to redeem yourself.

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