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36 Things Every First Year Student Should Have Done By The End of 2015

Your first few months as a university student are for trying new things and making mistakes. So get to it.

1. Pull a non-academic all-nighter.

Because from here on it’ll only be essays keeping you up till 6am, leaving you looking like this every time.

2. Collect enough posters and flyers to fill every bit of wall in your room.

3. Pub Golf.

4. Gain at least 100 extra friends you’ll never speak to again on Facebook.

5. And tagged in at least 500+ photos. Mainly drunken.

6. Invite your friends from home to visit.

7. And visit them at their unis.

8. Fuse a pizza to a tray that doesn’t belong to you.

9. Win a pub quiz.

10. And establish a solid team name.

11. Stay up after a night out to watch the sunrise.

12. Steal a road sign / cone.

13. Cover a flatmate’s bedroom in tin foil or similar.

14. Join a weird society then quit just a week later.

15. Attempt to make contact with the “ghost” flatmate.

16. Attend a 9am hungover.

17. Make the perfect pre-drink playlist.

18. Fall out with Value Vodka.

19. Have a student Christmas meal with your flatmates.

20. Sign up for the gym and never go.

21. Achieve your first 1st.

22. Make a pasta bake.

23. “Accidentally” blow your student loan.

24. Then vow to never do it again. Which you do.

25. Test if you do in fact write better essays when drunk.

26. Make your own Christmas tree.

via Twitter / @BRICKFACED

via Twitter

27. Invite a lecturer to the pub.

28. And inevitably get denied.

29. Scare some A-level students on an open day.

30. Build a strong collection of fancy dress costumes and accessories.

31. Try every takeaway in town and choose your favourite.

32. Then never betray them.

33. Sit in on someone else’s lecture.

34. Tell your parents “you’re doing fine” even though that clearly isn’t true.

35. Create a drinking game based on a TV show you watch frequently.

36. Piss off some 3rd years by going to the library.

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