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37 Things You Can Wave Goodbye To In Your 20s

Growing up has its benefits. But it also spells the end of a lot of perks. Life will never be the same again.

1. Living rent free.



2. Sleeping past 11am.

No matter how hard you try, your body just wakes up at 7am. Even on weekends.

3. Exams.

One of the few positives.

4. Your tolerance for cheap vodka.



5. Drinking games.

Drinking to get drunk is generally not a thing any more.

6. Playing video games for more than 2 hours at a time.

Any longer and you’ll get a migraine.

7. Unrealistic ambition.



8. Drinking without getting a hangover.

3 day recoveries are real. And necessary.

9. The bank of mum and dad.

Long. Gone.

10. Having 3 months off in summer.

11. Time off in general.

Those measly 21 days you get are almost an insult.

12. Daytime drinking.

Specifically on weekdays. Post-lecture pints on a Tuesday afternoon are a distant memory.

13. Referencing.



14. Not paying tax.

If it’s not rent it’s tax. You let out a small welp every time you read your payslip.

15. Caring so much about how you look.

All the angst of looking “cool” is now just an embarrassing part of your past.

16. Cereal for dinner.

17. Meeting new people.

How do you do it? Seriously?

18. Caring about your academic record.

That B you got in A-Level and that 2:2 you got in first year? Who cares.

19. All-nighters in the library.



20. Pot Noodles.

(Hopefully. Probably not.)

21. Getting excited about birthdays.

“Half way to fifty!” YEAH THANKS.

22. Thinking you’re immune to everything.



23. Wearing the same underwear multiple times.

To save on washing. Obviously.

24. Watching daytime TV with friends.

Generally just finding time to sit and watch TV is a struggle these days.

25. Going out without a coat.



26. Routine trips to the pub.

Sunday, 7pm, on the dot. Not any more.

27. Family holidays.

Parental betrayal is the worst.

28. Getting tagged in Facebook photos.

The Daily Touch

The Daily Touch

29. Discounts.

Full price everything. And when 25 comes around you can wave goodbye to that railcard.

30. Knowing what’s in the charts.


31. Buying alcohol from Aldi.



32. Christmas presents.

Mum, what’s your problem?

33. Megabus journeys.

Now you realise your time is worth more than the tenner you save.

34. Winging it.



35. Cheap clothes.

That last one night out then fall apart.

36. Duvet days.

Sometimes you just need to not go to work, y’know?

37. Being broke.



That almost makes up for everything else.

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Want to write an article like this?

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