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41 Lies You Will Tell Yourself When You Go Home For Reading Week

Going home for Reading Week always seems like a good idea, and you convince yourself you won’t make the same mistakes you usually do. But it’s all a lie.

1. My mum won’t mind if I bring home all this washing.

2. I’m actually going to do some reading this time.

3. I’ll go to the library and take out some books before I go.

4. This won’t be like previous Reading Weeks.

5. I’m going to get my shit together once and for all.

6. I can show my parents how studious and intellectual I am now.

7. And I’ll finally be able to sort out my sleeping pattern.

8. I’ll come back feeling fresh.

9. I might even have a week of no alcohol.

10. I’ll save loads of money.

11. I’m going to eat so well. No junk.

12. It isn’t essential to read in reading week, is it?

13. It’s just Half Term with a different name.

14. I can at least afford to not do work right away.

15. After all I deserve a break.

16. I’ve studied so hard recently.

17. I’m not going to start a new series.

18. I’ll go to the pub just this once. I need to catch up with my home friends.

19. I’m not going to get drunk though.

20. My parents won’t hear me coming in at 3am.

21. I’m being quiet.

22. They love me.

23. It’s fine.

24. I’m going to sort out the mess that is my lecture notes.

25. As soon as I get over this hangover.

26. And catch up on Homes Under The Hammer. Then it’s work time for sure.

27. I bet nobody else is doing work right now.

28. It’s a good thing that I came home.

29. The library is probably too full to concentrate in anyway.

30. Yes, mum, I’ve been doing work.

31. No, I went to bed pretty early last night.

32. I promise I’ll wake up before midday tomorrow.

33. It’s so good to be home.

34. I can watch two more episodes.

35. Then get a start on that essay.

36. I’m feeling really good about going back to uni.

37. I’ll just study a lot when I get back to make up for this week.

38. And there’s always Christmas break to catch up on work.

39. I’ll be fine.

40. I doubt anyone else has done anything.

41. We were on a break.

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