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Cambridge Students Have Voted To Remain Affiliated To NUS

Students at the University of Cambridge have voted against disaffiliating from the National Union of Students in a referendum held this week. 

6,178 students turned out to vote, out of 21,479 eligible voters. 51.52% voted to remain affiliated with 46.62% voting to disaffiliate. 1.86% of votes were left “blank”.

– 3183 votes to stay affiliated

– 2884 votes to disaffiliate

– 115 blank votes

The referendum at Cambridge was called for as a direct result of Malia Bouattia’s presidential election at NUS Conference in April. The campaign to disaffiliate expressed a lack of trust in NUS’ ability to tackle “systemic anti-Semitism”, they also claimed NUS focuses too much on global issues and not on students.

Adam Crafton and Jack May, founders of the campaign the leave, said: 

“We are of course disappointed not to have seen this through and secured the disaffiliation vote.┬áBy calling this referendum, opening up this debate and engaging so many Cambridge students in the issues at hand, we can be hugely proud of ourselves.

“We believe that we have awoken the Cambridge student community to the challenges facing Jewish students on British campuses in 2016 and that is an immensely┬ásatisfying achievement. It has been a draining challenge at times but hugely rewarding.┬áCongratulations, of course, should go to the Remain campaign. I truly hope they┬áhonour┬átheir campaigning promises to fight for Jewish students within the National Union of Students.”

They went on to express their hopes that NUS don’t take this victory as a “legitimisation of the direction their organisation is taking” but instead see it as an opportunity to reform.

Cambridge is the fourth Students’ Union to remain affiliated to NUS following April’s National Conference alongside Warwick, Exeter and Surrey. Meanwhile students at Newcastle, Lincoln and most recently Hull have voted to disaffiliate.

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