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This Dundee Student Surprised His Mum With a Degree

Liam Blair was accepted onto a course at Dundee University 4 years ago – but he didn’t tell anyone, particularly not his mum.

He studied in secret and only revealed what he’d been up to on his graduation day, where he surprised his mother dressed in his gowns. 

“Originally I was going to tell my mum when I got accepted on the course but I simply kept it quiet” said Liam about the video. “I waited 4 years for this moment. It was meticulously planned and was a struggle but in the end It couldn’t have gone better.”

It’s a bit odd and his mother’s just as confused as we are.  

I mean, he missed out on the rite of passage that is the send-off trip to Ikea for essential kitchen supplies.

Watch her reaction below:

Top tip: don’t lie to your mum for 4 years.    

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Want to write an article like this?

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