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Even More Students Voted To Remain Than We Originally Thought

Ignore what you hear about young people not turning out to vote.

New findings by research agency YouthSight show that 87% of students turned out to vote in the EU referendum, with 85% of them voting to remain.

This is much higher than originally thought: data released immediately after the referendum predicted that around 75% of students voted to remain.

In this new survey, however, students across the country were asked about their voting habits in last month’s referendum, which saw a whole generation disillusioned by the result.

The findings also show that 94% of students were registered to vote. 

Many students were outraged and upset when it was announced the UK had voted to leave the European Union. Despite this, many blamed the result on young people, accusing them of not turning out to vote.

But this new research reveals that out of the UK’s 1.4million students, almost one million of them did in fact cast their vote.

All those students who did vote to Remain, and the 1.5 million 16-17 year olds whose voices were not heard in the referendum, simply now have to live with the reality of Brexit.

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