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Everything That Will Happen On Your University Graduation Day

Graduation: the culmination of all those years of study. And what do you get? Your name mispronounced and an awkward photo even your gran will struggle to cherish.

Forget what you think will happen, here’s the reality.

1. Even if you are actually excited, your parents will be more excited. This is their day.



2. The day is also not about getting your degree, it’s about standing around and queuing. Firstly to collect your gowns.

3. Wearing your robes does actually make you feel a bit badass, though.

4. But then everyone ruins it by doing this.

5. After all the anticipation, you think you’d be happy to see everyone again.

6. But in reality you’re just reminded of all those people on your course you didn’t like.

7. You will feel ridiculous all day. Partly because you measured your head wrong.

8. But it’s ok because you have bigger things to worry about. Like not falling over at any point.

9. Someone will though. Inevitably.

10. More queuing. This time to get into the hall.

11. You don’t even get to celebrate with your real friends because they probably studied something different to you.

12. You walk in like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who are these people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13. The ceremony is much longer than you think it will be.

14. You have to clap at everything. You might as well just not stop actually.

15. You will space out several times thinking about ~the future~.

16. But everyone’s mutual hatred for the people delivering the speeches will bring you back to life.



17. Even if your name is something easy, like Bob, they will say it wrong, ruining everything.

18. And if you’re at the end of the alphabet then you’re basically screwed.

19. You need to come to terms with the fact that, at some point, someone is talking shit about you.

But it’s cool because you spend the whole ceremony doing the same about other people.

20. Some parents will go too far when their child’s name is called.

You just hope it isn’t yours.

21. You feel like you’re at school again when you head back outside and can’t find your parents.

22. Everyone will pose for photos like this. Or do something similarly hilarious and original.

23. And you will say this under your breath at least ten times throughout the day.

24. It’s not all bad of course. You throw your hat around (if health and safety doesn’t stop you) and you get a bit emotional about it all.



25. But then oh look you’re queuing again. This time for your official graduation photo.

Which is supposed to be special but is actually just awful.

26. You will smile but the photographer will tell you you’re not smiling.

They won’t give in until you reveal every tooth in your mouth.

27. All in all you think you’re going to spend the day drinking champagne from the bottle but in reality you’re just too busy waiting for things to happen.

28. When it’s finally over you’re so tired and done you just want to leave forever.

29. And then the true reality of the day hits you. You’re a graduate.

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