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Here’s How Young People Are Reacting To The Referendum Result On Twitter

This morning the reality of the EU referendum was revealed: Britain will Leave.

There was shock, confusion, anger, celebration, relief all over social media. But what caught the attention of a lot of people was the generational differences in voter trends – in particular, how 75% of young people actually wanted In.



For young people all over, it felt like no matter what you do you just couldn’t win.

Then this emerged, showing the amount of time each generation will have to live with the result.

They beganΒ expressing their frustrations at the generations that came before them.

Some were funny.

Others a bit more shouty.

People questioned why 16/17 year olds weren’t allowed to vote.

Naturally, this happened.

And some even threatened repercussions.

But ultimately, it seemed the feeling was one of sadness and disbelief.

We tried.

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