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Hull University Union Has Become The Third SU To Disaffiliate From NUS This Month

Students at the University of Hull voted last week on an NUS affiliation referendum and today the results have been announced. 

1306 votes were cast in total, which is 9.5% of full-time students.

 – 476 voted to remain affiliation

 – 811 voted to disaffiliate

 – 19 spoilt votes

Hull University Union (HUU) follows Newcastle University Students’ Union and the University of Lincoln Students’ Union in turning their backs on the National Union of Students.

According to HUU, the Trustee Board will now draw up a timescale for transition and negoatiate with new suppliers. Further details on the disaffiliation process will be announced following the next Trustee meeting on June 1.

“We remain committed to our mission to enhance the lives of every person studying at the University of Hull” they said.

The campaign to leave NUS, ‘Hull Says No’, released a statement on Facebook after the results were announced.

“Today is great day for grassroots democracy; proving the David can win against Goliath; student politics; and for sending a very encouraging message to our friends and comrades at other universities currently undergoing this same referendum experience,” it reads.

Shelly Asquith, VP Welfare at NUS, today said she hopes HUU “re-affiliate soon”, claiming unions are stronger when part of a “national movement”.

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