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Newcastle Students Have Voted To Disaffiliate From NUS

Students at Newcastle University have voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS) in the second referendum result this month. 

Lincoln University Students’ Union also voted to leave NUS on Monday.

Following calls for disaffiliation after the NUS National Conference in April, two-thirds turned out to vote leave. 

Dominic Fearon, president of Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU) said: “It is clear that our students feel that the NUS no longer represents their views, does not prioritise correctly and is not effective at achieving change.

“The warning signs were there last year when the President of NUSU, along with 12 other Presidents, signed an open letter calling for reform in NUS. This fell on deaf ears.”

He went on to say that the level of discontent with NUS can be easily measured by the number of SUs holding affiliation referendums. “We hope that the NUS will acknowledge their shortcomings and will work to become the national union that students deserve and can identify with” he said.

The turnout for the NUSU Referendum was just 6.5%.

Out of 22,000 students at Newcastle, 989 voted to leave and 486 voted to remain. Only 1,469 students in total turned up to vote.

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