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NUS Just Released a Video Explaining Its ‘No Platform’ Policy

No-platforming has been a heated topic over the last few months. Sparked by a number of isolated incidents where speakers of a high-profile or “controversial” nature have been banned from speaking on campuses, either directly or indirectly; people from both sides (many of whom aren’t students) have put their opinions forward about the state of free speech at universities. 

The National Union of Students (NUS) have themselves been criticised for holding a no-platform policy; but the union has today released a video explaining why it exists.

“Yes, NUS has a No Platform Policy” 

The video features various elected members of NUS and explains that the policy has existed since April 1974. It determines no-platform to mean that “organisations with racist or fascist views will never be allowed to stand in NUS elections or attend or speak at any of our NUS events.”

“We encourage active debate but it’s got to be free from harassment” says Piers Telemacque in the video, who is VP for society and citizenship at NUS.

Watch the video below.

One comment claims that it is not the policy that is the problem, but “the abuse of it by Unions across the UK,” while many others call for the No Platform policy to be repealed.

The video ends by saying: “And just for the record, we only have six names on this list.”


Do you agree with the policy?

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