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The 19 Stages of Starting Your Final Year of University

You’re starting another year of university. But it’s not just any year, it’s the last year of education you’ll ever have. No pressure.

1. You go back a lot sooner than everyone else – if you even left in the first place.

Because you’re practically paying to be there anyway.

2. It’s likely to be the first year where you haven’t had to move somewhere new, so you feel more at home than ever before.

3. Confident with your surroundings, you strut around town making the most of hardly anyone being around.

No queues at Tesco and the reduced section is always fully stocked – the dream.

4. But no matter what you do, you can’t help panic about being in the winter of your education.

5. Especially if you have to write a dissertation and feel like you can’t ever relax.

6. You say you’re going to spend these early weeks getting a head start on some reading.

7. But before you know it everyone else has arrived and you haven’t done anything productive.

And then everything is far too distracting to get any work done.

8. As it’s your last ever Freshers’ Week, you decide to go hard.

9. For some reason the idea of pulling a fresher is now very appealing.

10. Until the light of day illuminates your bad choices.

Shame hangovers are the worst.

11. Half the people you used to recognise have now gone.

Graduated = dead.

12. It’s at this point you realise you’re now one of the elders.


13. You walk into every club like.

14. And can’t help but look at freshers with great suspicion.

“You look, like, 12… Did I look that young two years ago?”

15. You start caring a lot a less about pretty much everything.

16. And if you didn’t already have a resting bitch face, you do now.

17. You quickly turn into a library militant.

Freshers, sleepers, eaters beware. You mean business.



18. And instead of countless tagged photos you later regret, social media becomes a platform for you to rant about how hard your life is.

19. But despite all this, you’ll still have the best time ever

Because, in the end, final years have their shit together.

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