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Two Students Wrote a Poem To Tesco And The Response Was Excellent

Two University of St Andrews students were so upset to find that popcorn had been discontinued form their local store that they decided to voice their concerns.

But instead of writing a standard complaint letter, the students got creative and wrote a poem.

It read: 

“I write to offer congratulations

On a truly impressive achievement:

Selling us salted popcorn sensations.

Yet this praise is not without bereavement.

I found no real solace to my upset

When I went to the shelf popcorn sits on

And just found the lump in my throat you get

When something you love is there, then it’s gone.

I live in St Andrews, this the issue:

“No plans to restock,” you said with a sigh.

So answer this, or hand me a tissue:

Have I butterkist my true love goodbye?

        Let this be a dream. Restock when I wake.

        I love with salt in my wounded heartbreak.”


Tesco’s response? Another poem. 



“We know it’s been stressful, we know it’s been hard,

But you can still buy your popcorn, here’s a £10 giftcard.” 

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Want to write an article like this?

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