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Visiting Your Parents as a Student Vs. as a Graduate

At university you needed a trip home every once in a while to replenish yourself. You may have taken your parents for granted a bit, but you’re making up for it now you’re a graduate – or at least trying to.

As a student your room was still intact, meaning you came home to familiar comforts.

But now it’s a gym, office or, if you’re lucky, a “spare room”. 

Decorated with horrible things like “Home Is Where Family Is” signs and fluffy pillows.

You used to return home famished, immediately raiding their fridge and rejoicing at the sight of branded products.

But as a graduate this is no longer the case.

They worry that you’re not eating properly and try to force food into you at every possible moment.

Student you was mildly happy to see the people who funded and supported you, but really you just wanted to catch up with your home friends.

But now you actually spend time with your parents.

You might even blow off those home friends to do so.

As a student you were waking up at midday and going to bed at 4am.

Much to the disapproval of mum & dad.



But as a graduate your body clock is finally in sync with your parents’ and you share breakfast with them for the first time since year 7.

100% of conversations with your parents as a student included having to explain exactly what it is you study.

Now it’s what you do at work.

When you’d eaten all the food in their kitchen, student you would ask your parents to take you out.

You’d then proceed to order more food than you could ever hope to consume, safe in the knowledge that they’d be paying for everything.

Now you might even offer to treat them to dinner.

A decision you regret when the bill comes in.

Student you complained at them most of the time.

You essentially acted like a teenager whenever you were at home.

But as a graduate you complain *with* them.

Probably about the neighbours or aunt sue or something equally dull.

Visiting home as a student meant one thing: a free taxi service.

Now, you’ve somehow become the taxi, ferrying your parents who seemingly have a better social life than you these days.

And of course, when you were a student you would always arrive at your parents’ house with a suitcase full of dirty washing.

Which is something you certainly still want to do, but just can’t.

But no matter what stage of your life you’re at, you always enjoy home cooking.

It’s always good to eat something that isn’t pasta.

And the sofa.

And the warmth.

And at the end of the visit, you go back happier, fuller, cleaner and better off. Or at least that’s what happened when you were a student.

Whereas any graduate visit usually comes to an end due to boredom or work. Or both.

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Want to write an article like this?

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