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York Uni Hockey Team Is Being Investigated Following Racist, Sexist Tweets

Following the LSE Men’s rugby incident earlier this semester, LAD culture in university societies comes under fire again after a whistle-blower exposed severely racist and sexist tweets sent from several members of York University Hockey Society. 

One of the tweets said, “I love stabbing black people”.

Others included: “You think your initiation is over! I may just rape her”; and “oi lower race, down it”.

The tweets were sent from a private twitter account run by the social secs of the club, @UyhcSocSecs.

The account, along with the official twitter and Facebook accounts of the club have since been terminated and those responsible for the tweets have been banned.

The Presidents of the Hockey society had this to say:  

“We strongly believe that the private account was not created to upset or offend anyone and although on several occasions we asked the private account to tone down the content of their tweets, this has not happened,”

“The statements on this account are wholly unacceptable and the account has been shut down and action will be taken against the responsible parties.”

“We have removed two Social Secretaries permanently from the Hockey Club and have removed the two other Social Secretaries from the committee and banned them from the social side of the club until further review.

“We apologise to any groups that these tweets have offended. We cannot express how deeply sorry and embarrassed we are of the actions of a few of our members. This year we have worked extremely hard on sustaining and improving the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the club and hope to build up our reputation once again within the University.”

York SU president was quick to announce an investigation had been launched. 

University officials reportedly met with the SU to discuss further action and a spokesman for the University later said: “In consultation with the University, YUSU is conducting an investigation with a view to disciplinary action against the individuals responsible and, potentially, the club.”

The tweets were exposed by Vision, York’s student newspaper. A whistle-blower, who had access to the private twitter account, documented the severe language used. 

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