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16 Things You Miss About Falmouth University Now You’ve Graduated

Being surrounded by tons of creative people on a beautiful campus – does it get any better?



1. Penryn campus is a stunning escape from the rest of the world.

2. And the lecturers are super laid back.

You’d see them out at The Shed and you actually felt comfortable around them.



3. You were encouraged to study the things you really wanted to.

Nothing was too silly, too quirky or too ridiculous – Fal’s lecturers just wanted you to express yourself.



4. Being able to get two pizzas for £12 at Belly Timber.

All mine yum yum

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5. Whether you liked sport or not, everyone went all out for Bottlematch.

CSM vs RSM. Bring it. Like The Hunger Games, but with participants who are significantly more hungover.

6. Which was when uni pride was at its highest.


OH CSM ARE WONDERFUL #bottlematch #csm

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7. Except for when you saw Dawn French at graduation.

Our chancellor is cooler than yours.

No #selfie will l ever compare #fxu #falmouthuni #graduation #dawnfrench

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8. You were always surrounded by creative people and opportunities to collaborate.

If you wanted to start a fashion blog, you contacted your neighbour who did fashion and your musician friend who wanted publicity and you were on your way.



9. And going to exhibitions for inspiration was free.

On a rainy day you could go to Koofi, buy yourself a coffee and then check out your mate’s photography exhibition. Ideal.

Time for a coffee . Thanks Koofi! Starbucks on campus is dangerous #penryncampus #starbucks #koofi #caffeinefix

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10. Election week is kind of a big deal.

People get into it – with banners, badges, Facebook pages and graffiti.

#FXUELECTIONS #fxu #falmouthuni #prayforjonny @fxu_insta @amanda_c_c

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11. And there’s an on-site gym.

Okay, maybe you only went twice, but it was nice to know it was there 🙈

Learning #doublewindmill for the first time #beginnerkettlebells #penryncampusfitnesscentre

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12. The thrill of maybe, possibly, one day making it onto FitFinder.

Someone said they thought the person in the red jumper in the lib was cute – did they mean you? Ommgggg.



13. Everyone knew everyone.



14. And you’d always be able to find one of your friends in Club I.

Why would you want to be anywhere else?

Sums up my dance moves! #SuchABadDancer #Dance #ClubI #falmouth

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15. No one cares how anyone looks.

You could roll out of bed, walk up the hill in the rain and stroll into lectures without worrying – you’re all in the same boat.



16. And best of all, you’d get to hang out on the beach after lectures.

When you think about it, you were seriously lucky.


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