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9 Ways Being a Graduate Is Just Like Being In Primary School

Graduating from university is supposed to prove that we have finally reached adulthood. Once you’ve thrown your hat in the air and collected that all important certificate, independence and maturity should instantly kick in. However, after a couple of months it’s fair to say that most of us have never felt more like kids.

For all you who are currently reconnecting with your inner child, here are the 9 ways you’re back in primary school. 

1. Your parents still do pretty much everything for you

Ok, you can just about manage to feed yourself, but if you live at home post-uni there’s a good chance that mum and dad are taking care of most of the “big” duties. Washing the dishes and keeping your room tidy are all you can handle at the moment.

2. Even a slight change fills you with dread

Primary school children and graduates are creatures of habit. We both like to know exactly what the day has in store for us and God help anyone who messes that up. Yes, we can still throw a pretty good tantrum in our twenties.

3. You have no idea how to budget your money

Students always brag about their thrifty spending habits. The majority of graduates, on the other hand, have the luxury of raiding their parents full cupboards on a daily basis and bringing in a healthy pay cheque at the end of the month. So, we feel much less guilty about receiving endless online shopping deliveries and putting everything on our credit cards.

4. Afternoon naps are an important part of your day

Whether you’re at your desk, on the train or just lazing about a home, a little siesta is always necessary.

Don’t judge us! We need to rest our very big brains.

5. “Proper” adults still wrap you up in cotton wool

At 21 it’s more than likely that you’re the youngest person in your office, so don’t be alarmed if all of your older colleagues treat you as if you’re one of their own kids. Yes it can be patronising, but when they offer to take all of that extra work off your hands being the “baby” can start to look pretty good.

6. The majority of your decisions are made by mummy and daddy

You’d like to kid yourself that you no longer have a curfew, but it’s much easier to get in early than face a lecture from your parents about your night time antics. If only you could work out a way to break the power of their reverse psychology trickery!

7. Your career ambitions are extraordinarily unrealistic

Remember when you wanted to be a superhero, astronaut or the Queen? Well your graduate ambitions are just a naive. A degree certificate somehow makes us feel as if we have the ability to become the next Beyonce/Steve Jobs/Stephen Fry combo overnight. Who says it’s not possible?

8. Kiss chase is still a perfectly acceptable game to play

Granted we’re usually drunk when we start this nowadays. How else are we supposed to get the courage to snog the cutie staring at us from across the bar?

9. And a little help getting ready in the morning is always appreciated

Getting your clothes ready, packing your bag and ensuring that you look half way decent is more than enough responsibility for one person. So, where’s the harm in your mum ironing your outfit every now and again or having your breakfast waiting for you in the mornings?

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