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15 Things You’ll Really Miss About UEA When You Go Home For The Summer

As much as you’re probably looking forward to going home for the summer break, there are some things you’ll definitely miss about UEA while you’re away.

1. Walks around the lake.

2. And hanging out with friends at the BBQ pits.

🍢🍢🍢Day 2 is BBQ Party!

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3. Even if you don’t manage to snag a pit, there are acres of grass to chill out on.

First BBQ by the lake #summerdays #friends #uni

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4. The campus bunnies. Obviously.


5. And the UEA donkeys.

Y todavía descubro lugares nuevos un año después, y a 10min de casa #norwich #eaton #uea #uealake #donkey

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6. Wandering around Earlham Park.

#trees #earlhampark #norwich #sunnyday #loveit

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7. And Norwich itself.

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8. Living so close to places like Cromer.

What a lovely day to be by the beach 🌊🐚❣

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9. And the Norfolk Broads.

#norfolkbroads #sunlight #sunshine #water #river #summer

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10. Coffee breaks in Ziggy’s.



11. And nights out at the LCR.

Even if you won’t miss the queues!

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12. All the campus events.

#pimpmybarrow2016 UEA best 3 years of my life, you are wonderful ❤️💜💙

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13. And running into literally everyone you know all the time.



14. Thanks for an amazing year, UEA.

hangin' out in the east

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15. We’ll miss you.


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