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16 Reasons Why Freshers at UEA Is The Best

UEA. 👏👏👏

1. Let’s start with the fact that the party goes on for not one but two whole weeks.

2. During the first week you won’t even need to leave campus because the LCR puts on the most 👌 themed nights.

3. Ranging from Damn Good events…



4. To a Freshers’ Prom.

Which is less of a prom and more of an arcade with a silent disco and bumper cars… 🙌

Funfair at the welcome prom #ueafreshers

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5. There is always an after party at the Zigs or Nelson Court.



6. And once those are finished, you can experience an incredible sunrise at the lake.

Last week of first year. #uea#lake#swan#sunset#uealake#uni

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7. During the day you won’t be bored as there are so many sports and society fairs.

8. And you’ll be inundated with bags full of discount coupons and free food.

9. The second week is all about getting to know the famous Prince of Wales Street.

Because after a whole week at uni you’re ready to leave campus and explore what Norwich has to offer.

10. Where you’ll be introduced to all the main student clubs.

From Mantra, to Chicago’s, to Mercy. 🔥

11. And where you’re bound to see one or two familiar faces.

12. You also get to try out all the takeaway restaurants.

13. And will probably always be arguing over whether to go to DFC or Olive-Tree.

But you honestly don’t mind too much because you’re just there to prevent that hangover.


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14. And when you’re ready to head home you’ll realise that sharing a cab is cheaper than taking the bus.

And comes with the added luxury of being dropped off at your doorstep.



15. Best of all, you’ll genuinely meet friends for life.

16. And you’ll immediately learn the ‘Oh UEA is wonderful’ chant.

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