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24 Things That Always Happen On a Night Out at UEA’s LCR

There are a few things that are guaranteed to happen on a night out at the LCR.

1. You decide to get there before 12 to avoid the queue.

2. But somehow end up arriving just as the queue is at its longest.

3. And start chatting to the same bouncer you see every Tuesday and Saturday.

He probably knows your life story by now.

4. You immediately head to the bathroom once you’ve made it inside.

5. Where you immediately bump into half your seminar class.

6. Next you head to the upstairs bar and wait 15 minutes to get you first pair of VKs.

No one orders a single VK if it’s 2 for £4.

7. And constantly end up switching between blue bar and upstairs.

8. You spot the photographer and grab him by the arm to try and get a picture.

9. Somehow you end up losing all of your friends.

10. But it usually turns out they’re all just in the smoking area.

Even if they don’t smoke.

11. You’ll go to the toilets a second time and realise how drunk you actually are.

12. You promise yourself you won’t sing along to Come on Eileen.

13. But actually end up singing the loudest.

Come on Eileeeennnn!

14. You’re bound to get a VK flicked at your head.

15. And you’ll always fight for a Damn Good shirt on Tuesdays.

16. You always appreciate those who put effort into their fancy dress, whether it’s a Tuesday or Saturday.

17. But wish you had worn other shoes because they’re probably going to stick to the floor forever.

18. And you know you basically have to swim out because of the pool of VKs on the dance floor.

19. You pray that the night hatch is still open.

20. Otherwise you end up spending too much at Domino’s.

21. The next day you’re bound to see a post on the LCR ticket exchange of something lost.

Phones, IDs, student cards, and wallets. No limit to what could be lost.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 14.33.39

LCR Ticket Exchange

22. And one of the lost items is probably yours.

Or at least someone you know’s.

23. You deeply regret asking the photographer take a photo of you.

24. And no matter how hungover you are, you can’t wait to do it all over again next time.

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