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14 Reasons Why County Is The Best College at Lancaster University

With so many colleges to choose from at Lancaster Uni, it’s hard to know where you’ll fit in. Whether you’re going to County College, you’re already there, or you’ve left now, here’s why you’ll never regret being a part of it all.

1. It’s the biggest of all the Lancaster colleges.

Why else would so many people choose it? County College is home to a huge group of individuals who all have at least one thing in common: they made the right choice.

2. And it has the best choice of accommodation.

At County, there are more halls than anywhere else on campus to suit all price bands. Plus, unlike at some other colleges, you don’t run the risk of sharing a bathroom with others after 2am Kebabs.

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3. These guys are your unofficial mascots.

This will become your daily cheer squad to welcome you home from lectures.

County ducklings ❤️ #duck #ducklings #countycollege #lancasteruni #lancaster #cute

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4. And the food is 👌.

County Bar has got your breakfast covered with all the bacon baps or full English fry-ups you could ever want. Refuel is always there when you can’t be bothered to (or just can’t) cook, and if that’s not enough, there’s also a Subway just a stone’s throw away which is open til 4am.

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5. The Northern Oak will become a home from home.

County’s own epic bar will be a huge part of your life, especially when the halls fire alarms go off in the middle of the night. It may masquerade as a cozy local, but when it comes to the “Extravs” you won’t know what hit you…possibly for up to a week after. It also plays host to a Costa and has regular live music and comedy events.

6. And the other colleges hate us the least. Probably.

College rivalry begins in Freshers’ Week, and though it may peter out as the year goes on, it’s still alive and kicking in all of us when it comes to a night out. Other colleges get absolutely slammed with a wide variety of way more personal chants than the only, tired insult ever tossed our way. But since it’s the only anti-County chant anyone has been able to come up with in years, you may get sick of hearing what you can’t spell County without. 🙄



7. Any event worth going to will happen at County.

Lancaster Square is the site for Campus Fest, Bonfire Night blowouts and pretty much every other event you’ll want to go to. And where is it? Slap bang in the middle of County College territory! You can pick up your post and party all night within 10 paces. You just can’t beat that.

8. And laundry is actually worth doing.

Been invited for a pint but you’ve put off doing your laundry so long you only have the clothes you’re wearing? It was a pure marketing genius who placed the County South laundry facilities right next to the bar.



9. It has its very own version of the Whomping Willow.

Other colleges may laugh, you may even laugh, but that tree is sacred ground. 🙌 Just don’t pee on it. Ever.

the County college creepy tree

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10. And the coolest porters in the world, never mind Lancaster.

County’s porters are a cut above the rest. Picking up a parcel will turn into laughing along with one of the porters about his anarchist youth and the highlights of his job.



11. It’s home to the best parties.

The Extravs, the Socials, the Freshers’ Week extravaganzas… Even pre-drinks in your flat are all better at County College. 🍻

12. And it’s in the perfect location for the ideal work-life balance.

County literally couldn’t be any nearer to the main exam halls used on campus. So when your friends in Pendle and Lonsdale are sprinting down the spine to get to their exams on time, you can still get an extra bit of revision crammed in before you have to set off and still beat them.



13. Basically, you’ll love it there.

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14. Because it really is the best.


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