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14 Things You Miss About Lancaster University Now You’ve Graduated

When it was time to leave this amazing uni, it was a lot harder than you would have ever expected during those panic stricken all-nighters.



1. People knowing how good Lancaster is.

Regular reminders of your university’s prowess become a thing of the past, and you always miss that constant reassurance now it’s gone and you have to live up to it.

2. The inter-college bants.

College rivals in freshers’ week became inseparable friends by the end of your time at Lancaster. How do you even make friends in the real world when you can’t just chant college-based abuse at them?


3. The Thursday Market.

Because you definitely needed those three cakes.

thursdays are the best days. #lancaster #lancasteruni #cake #market #stall

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4. The excitement when Roses came around each year.

Even people who aren’t into any sports get wrapped up in the solidarity and pride that takes over campus in the build up to Roses, the annual battle to the death with York.

We did it! Final score 138.5-216.5 to Lancaster. #roses2016 #iamlancaster #rosesarered

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5. And whether we win or lose, Roses will always be red 🌹



6. Williamson Park.

Whether you ever got round to visiting it, or just marvelled at its beauty from the window on your bus ride to campus, it will always hold a soft spot in your heart.

Miss this place 💔 #lancasteruni #park #tb #ipulledoverforthis 🍂🍁

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7. Thirsty Thursdays.

Being a graduate in a place where 3 for 1 drinks every Thursday isn’t a thing is a near-harrowing experience.



8. Regular 3am Subways.

As soon as that Subway arrived, we were all saved.

9. The friendly local ducks.

You will never be able to look at a duck without feeling nostalgic again.

If I didn't meet the ducks during my trip then did I really get the full uni experience #lancasteruniducks #lancasteruni

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10. And Sugarhouse.

All those memorable nights, and all those nights you barely remember at all.

11. The campus forest.

The beautiful buffer between the campus bubble and the rest of the world. Woodland walks, jogging trails and the mysterious pods we all secretly wanted to use for revision.

12. Extravs.

These massive theme-night parties at the end of the year were some of the best times of your life.

13. Campus crawling.

Nine colleges = nine bars = nine sets of offers! An instant night out at your fingertips.



14. And you even kind of miss the library.

Despite the gruelling all-nighters you spent there, you’ve now realised you will never have a more wonderful space to work in than this. And you won’t have access to this many books for free again either.

Because Lancaster, saying goodbye to you was the worst.

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