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17 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University of Portsmouth When You Leave

Your time at Portsmouth is coming to an end. And whether you loved it or you hated it, you can’t deny you’re going to miss it.

1. Southsea Common.

The place we all congregate when the tiniest bit of sunshine appears… even though it’s literally a war-zone of disposable BBQs in Summer.

2. And the Pompey seaside.

Even if it is pebbly. and freezing. And you didn’t actually go that many times… but that’s not the point.

Sunny Portsmouth ☀️

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3. You’ll even miss the library.

It has everything you need to survive. What happens if we can’t find another place like it?

Don't look now but there's a free meeting pod and laptops available to borrow! (Yes, we're *that* empty again!)

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4. The random activities that take place at the Students’ Union.

At first you question them but realistically it’s just another excuse for a snakebite, right?

@upsuportsmouth Party in the Park in full flow! ☀️☀️☀️

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5. The infamous late-night, drunk food places.

You’ve been to them all before and you know the drill. Kens for when you’re feeling adventurous, Megabite for when you’re playing it safe and Ali’s just because… but how does he always remember you?!

6. Ridiculously cheap cabs.

The days of splitting a fare for £1 each are sadly over.



7. Heading to Gunwharf when you’re feeling classy.

Cocktails? Dates? Cinema? Everyone knows that’s where to go.

Beautiful day in Portsmouth #pompey #gunwharf #nofilter

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8. That one lecturer that makes you feel inspired.

How will you cope without their weekly words of wisdom?

9. The cringe and hilarity that is Pop World.

There’s just nothing quite like it on a Wednesday at 12am.


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10. And having shots at Hong Kong Charlie’s.

The choices are endless and really, who can say no to chocolate alcohol?

11. Nights out with Concrete Music.

Thursdays will never be the same again.

12. And the after parties that follow.

Because no good Uni night out ends when the bars shut.



13. Pie & Vinyl.

It’s just so damn good.

14. Bumping into everyone you know, everywhere you go.

At least it keeps you on your toes.



15. Constantly getting exercise because you walk everywhere.

Who even needs the bus anyway?



16. Portsmouth, you’ve been a blast.

How could you not love this city? #Portsmouth #Southsea #spinnaker #sunset #colour #gunwharf #nofilterneeded

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17. We will certainly miss you.


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