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14 Things You Have To Endure When You Move Back In With Your Parents

You’ve enjoyed the independence of living parent free for a few years and proven to yourself that you’re more than capable of coping on your own (maybe a couple of phone calls home asking advice on bills, but still). Now you’re back home, however, you have to learn to endure all the things your parents throw at you…

1. They want to know absolutely everything.

You appreciate they care but sometimes it feels like you’re being interrogated.

2. You will be nagged about your bedroom.

Oh how you’ve missed the sound of your parents nagging. At least they can’t ground you any more… can they?

3. And your washing and ironing.

You’re getting round to it but you just need to watch one more episode on Netflix first. They just wouldn’t understand.

4. You no longer get to decide when you eat.

You are kind of glad to have someone cooking for you but you’re not sure you can wait until dinner time – good luck telling the head chef.

5. You’ll always be their child (emphasis on the word child).

You might have lived away from home for a few years but whenever you’re back they can’t help but treat you like you need their help with everything.

6. They freak out whenever you say you’re going out past 9pm.

They claim they are merely curious but you wouldn’t run it past them running a full background check on your friends as soon as you step out the door. If only they really knew what went on at university…

7. They aren’t afraid to tell you whose house you live in.

“My house, my rules”, and don’t you know it.

8. Friends coming over just isn’t the same.

There are some things you just can’t discuss within ear shot of your parents. That’s if they even let you have friends round.

9. You’re under constant pressure to keep the place tidy.

10. No more Domino’s pizza delivered to your door.

You wish you’d have known that last might meaty was going to be your last for a while.

11. Being judged on how late you go to bed.

12. Or what time you get up.

You deserve a lie in once in a while, judgement free.

13. Apparently you’re suddenly a qualified technician when anything breaks.

How did they survive when you were away?!

14 things you learn to accept when you move back in with your parents after university 13

14. And once you fix the TV, you then have to share it.

Unless you fancy listening to your parents make various comments about how fake and ridiculous Made In Chelsea is, maybe now is the time to embrace catch up.

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