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18 Things You’ll Experience at University, As Predicted By Orange Is The New Black

University may be very different to prison, but OITNB still did a first class job at conveying your student experiences.

1. Even if it’s only once, you’re likely to question why you decided to come to uni in the first place.

The top answer shouldn’t really be ‘for freshers week’.

2. Whether it’s your hair colour, a piercing or even your style, you rarely come out of uni looking the way you did when you started.

3. Being surrounded by people who just can’t wait to correct your grammar.

4. Looking for the small things to keep you motivated, especially during exam period.

5. That one night you treat yourself to branded alcohol as opposed to the supermarket’s own.

Not tonight, Glen.

6. And then drinking your body weight in juice the next day to recover.

7. Cosying up to people you’ve never seen before in preparation for group projects.

You don’t recognise them and there’s a good chance they’re in the wrong lecture, but they’ll do.

8. Especially when you’re in your final year, you can get a bit touchy about your age.

9. Trying to pull off an unconvincing fancy dress.

10. Doing something you’d never repeat to your parents, especially if you’re a member of a social club.

11. A night out where you think its a good idea to make an idiot out of yourself on the dance floor.

Something you quickly regret when photo evidence is uploaded to social media the next day.

12. Having to spoon feed someone during a group task and trying your hardest to keep your cool throughout the whole process.

13. Being bombarded from all angles by candidates during student elections.

14. Turning up to a class completely unprepared and having to come up with an intelligent answer to your lecturer’s question.

15. Fending off your parents accusations regarding how much alcohol you choose to consume on a monthly basis.

16. When you have handed in all those assignments you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

17. But then having no idea what you’re going to do after you graduate.

18. And desperately hoping someone will tell you you’ve been punk’d and university isn’t actually ending.

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