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19 Things You Should’ve Done While You Were Still a Student In Southampton

After spending at least three years in Southampton, how many of the local sites and attractions did you manage to see? 

1. Seen a play at the Mayflower.

If you’re an English or Drama student, this should really have been on your list of places to go to anyway.

2. Or the Nuffield Theatre.

University of Southampton students have no real excuse not to. It’s on Highfield campus over the road from what fast became your second home – the library. Despite common myth, Solent students are also welcome.

3. Gone to a gig at the O2 Guildhall.

London has Wembley and we have the O2 Guildhall. It may not be as big as the national football stadium but it still manages to host significant acts.

4. Or The Joiners.

We were always encouraged to support local companies and produce, so this is something you really should have done.

5. Eaten at 7 Bone.

If you can deal with real messy but nonetheless delicious American food then you’d have felt at home at 7 bone.

6. Or Sprinkles.

Waffles. Pancakes. Ice Cream. Enough said.

7. Visited Winchester Christmas Market.

A short train ride to Winchester and you could have enjoyed one of the best Christmas Markets Britain has to offer. With heaps of stalls, winter food and even an ice rink, Winchester’s Christmas Market puts the German market outside of West Quay to shame (sorry guys!).

8. Had a night out in Jesters.

Not the classiest venue in Southampton, Jesters is definitely an experience. Saying that, it’s something you should experience, even if only once (I recommend only once for those who don’t fancy investing in some ‘Jesters shoes’).



9. Gone to Common People.

Welcoming people of all ages, Common People is one of Southampton’s newest festivals. With a varied line-up, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of festival spirit, you’d be a fool not to go, especially when it’s right on your doorstep!

10. Or Sound Clash.

11. Had breakfast at Kate’s. 

At some point during your time at university you probably craved a good fry up. Located in Portswood, no matter whereabouts your house or halls were, Kate’s was always worth the walk over.

12. Visited the New Forest.

Although Southampton isn’t the rowdiest city you’ll ever come across, there were probably times when you just needed somewhere peaceful to go to.

13. Gone to Marwell Zoo.

All those animals would have come in handy during stressful exam periods.

14. Organised a bar crawl around Bedford place.

Diverse, full of character and, especially on a Tuesday night, pretty loud and lively. If you’re a student in Southampton you have to go to Bedford Place at some point. As the hub for some of Southampton’s most notable bars, Bedford Place has something for everyone (well, it does a pretty good job of trying).

15. Strolled around The Common.

If you’re from the sticks it can be slightly overwhelming moving to any city. The Common provides you with plenty of greenery to feed your rural withdrawal.

16. Actually made the effort to go to the Sea City Museum.

Unlike many other cities, Southampton does not have an array of museums to visit. However, it does have the Sea City Museum which has a whole section about the Titanic.

17. Visited Bournemouth.

As you probably noticed, Southampton doesn’t have a beach, therefore if a beach is what you were looking for on those rare, hot summer days, a trip to Bournemouth would have served you well.

18. Ventured to Ocean Village.

Not the cheapest area of Southampton to explore, but with all the restaurants around it was worth at least one visit.

19. Had a drink at The Hobbit.

This was a must go venue for anyone who loves Lord of the Rings but couldn’t quite afford a ticket to New Zealand.

If only we had more time.

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