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7 Pros & Cons Only Students With Jobs Will Understand

There aren’t many occasions where you actually thank the government, but when your student loan arrives you can’t help but sing Mr. Cameron’s name.

But wait, rent is due and you’ve bills to pay. It’s gone before you know it! The solution? Continue to live like a pauper – or you could get a part time job.


The benefits are many, but so are the setbacks; life as a working student can be tricky. Here are the pros & cons we face on a daily basis.


1. You have a lot more money

It’s a no brainer, you’re an independent and relatively well-off individual now; out there earning and no longer lending from the bank of Mum and Dad (as much). You’re not stricken with guilt when you turn the heating on in that igloo you call a student house; and you can afford some finer things in life. Yes, you absolutely need that £10 corkscrew, despite only drinking from screw caps.

Or just sit and count the pennies, waving goodbye to that god forsaken overdraft – for now, anyway.

2. But you soon realise that despite your new-found wealth, everybody else is still incredibly poor.

You’re finally earning; splashing out on the branded vodka you’ve had your eye on for weeks and enjoying having the heating on for a whole two hours a day – God bless employment.

But everybody else is broke and can’t afford to keep up with your party spirit. Typical. Looks like it’s another night of  just you and your wages.

3. However, students aren’t the only people you know now. With employment comes increased popularity.

Whether it be at a Starbucks or a local pub, chances are you’ll meet people from all walks of life. Students, graduates, the local legend who’s the subject of a few urban legends; working is a great chance to make new friends, enemies and relationships.

Look at you, you’re finally that popular one everyone envied in school!

4. Having a job means you have a lot less time for university and socialising.

Everybody is kitted out for carnage and you’re kitted out in your barista uniform, topped off with a sexy cap for the late shift. Not even the discounts you get can make it glamorous, or make the pain of everyone else’s stories of the night hurt less.

Why do you have a job again?

5. But look at all this experience you’re getting – sort of.

It’ll look great on your CV, right? You know what they say, any experience is good experience. I mean, not everybody can make a latte or pull a pint as ace as you can. And of course, every new person you meet would love to hear about how you’re Greggs’ number 1 baker.


6. Working gives you more satisfaction than daytime TV.

Sure, watching Jeremy Kyle and eating your cereal from a pyrex jug is all well and good on your days off, but isn’t the satisfaction of knowing you’re being paid to work a great feeling?

7. But it’s difficult to balance your job and university work, and degrees wait for no one.

You have a 3000 word lab report and your dissertation is due in tomorrow – at midday – but your shift doesn’t finish till midnight and you’ll be needing your beauty sleep. Crap.

Suddenly you’re stressed and overworked and all you want to do is eat.

If nothing else, a working student is a busy one – which isn’t always a bad thing.

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