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10 Things Bear Grylls Has Eaten That Will Make You Appreciate Your Poor Student Meals

You may think the meals you have as a student are bad, but things could always be worse. If you are in any way squeamish you might want to think twice before watching any of the videos below.

1. This live, poisonous spider.


2. When he ate a Yak’s eyeball.

I’ll stick to 11p noodles, thanks.

3. This Giant Larva Beetle. While it was still alive.


4. When he ate the heart of a reindeer because why not.

Nah, you’re alright.

5. That time he picked a Tick off his body and ate it.

Protein is protein.

6. This massive Rhino Beetle.


 7. The eye of this fish.

Tinned tuna will do, thanks though.

8. This giant worm.

Because “worms are great survival food” apparently.

9. That time he tucked into a raw Zebra carcass. 


Discovery / via

Discovery / via

10. And when he ate a goat’s testicle.

Pass 🐐

Discovery /

Discovery /

If, like Bear Grylls, you’re looking for an adventure – but one without the raw food – then you should check out Wildpacks‘ USA Summer Camp program. 

The meals are much better, and you’ll get to enjoy all these things. Click below to find out more and apply.



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