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16 Signs You’re Way Too Good For Your Job

When you were offered your current job, you couldn’t have been happier. It was a massive step from either unemployment or that post-uni stopgap you were caught in. But it didn’t take long for the dust to settle, leaving you underwhelmed, under-appreciated and unchallenged.

Perhaps it’s time to move on to bigger and better things?

1. You get most of your work done in one half of the day, and spend the other flicking back and forth from your secret window.

2. You’re always the person making the tea run. 

You jump at any opportunity to get away from your desk. At least everyone else thinks you’re really generous.

3. You’ve never had a stressful trip to the bathroom. 

Maybe a boredom trip, but never one to get away from the stresses of work.

4. You can comfortably listen to music while you work without getting distracted.

5. Everyone always looks a lot busier and more stressed than you do.

“How do they find this so hard?” you ask yourself. Then you begin to worry that you’ve actually been doing everything wrong this whole time. But of course you haven’t.

6. You know exactly how long it takes to get to work, and exploit that.

When you first started you got to work half an hour early – if not longer. Now you leave at the very last minute to reduce the amount of time you have to spend there.

7. You’ve become concious of the routine that is your life.

8. You always volunteer for extra work / activities.

Something new to stimulate your mind, that’s all you really want in life.

9. It doesn’t take you hours to read your emails. Unlike your co-workers.

“I’ve set aside an hour to catch up on emails” they say, to your bemusement.

10. You know exactly where everyone else is going wrong but there’s nothing you can do about it.

11. You feel limited by the systems and procedures of the workplace.

You can see a straight line to the goal, but you’re jumping through unnecessary hoops because “that’s how things are done.” The whole thing is frustrating and you wish you could just rewrite the rule book.

12. Your computer is off 5 minutes before the end of the day.

But really you could have turned it off long before that.

13. And you’re always the first out the door.

14. You’re a lot smarter than some of the people above you.

At least based on some of the things they say at work. On the plus side, you find it weirdly reassuring that if they can make it then you definitely can.

15. Your motivation and inspiration for your job is reflected in your lunch, which is pretty much the same every day.

This is when your apathy for your job starts to infiltrate your personal life. “I’ll be more active next week,” and “I’ll do that tomorrow,” are all things you’ve said to yourself.

16. But mostly you’re just sat there like this.

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Want to write an article like this?

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