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19 Things No One Tells You About Commuting In London

Commuting in London is a whole new ball game. Forget everything you thought you knew.

1. Never go on the Central Line at rush hour. Unless you want to leave looking like this.



2. There is absolutely no cash on buses.

A mistake you only make once.

3. You’ll become a much more awkward person.

4. And will accidentally fall on people at least once a month.

5. It won’t take you long to become a fierce commuter, cursing anyone who gets in your way.

6. It will genuinely surprise you how aggressive your thoughts become when stuck behind someone standing on the left.

7. DLR trains are driverless, meaning you can sit right at the front.

It’s like riding a rollercoaster. And your childhood dream of being a train driver can finally come true – kind of.

8. There are secret Oyster machines at most stations.

Find one and you’ll save all of 30 seconds.

9. You will reach a point when you swear to cycle from now on.

Only to underestimate what cycling will actually cost you: A GoPro, a suit of armour, your life.

10. You will both curse and declare your love for TFL in the same day.

Your train is 1 minute late, BUT they did leave a hilarious sign.



11. Flight bags are the worst. 

12. The doors at the end of carriages on the underground do actually open.

13. Being so uncomfortably close to strangers will redefine your personal boundaries.

14. If you’re smaller than 5ft 5, you should expect to come face to face with armpits.

15. You will find the love of your life on every journey you take.

16. The doors will close on you. So don’t even try it.

You’re much better off just waiting for the next one, lest the whole of London hate you momentarily.

17. If you can make it through the barriers without breaking stride you can call yourself a pro.

Because every second counts.

18. After a while, you’ll be such an expert you’ll know exactly where to stand so the doors stop in front of you.

 19. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Commuter Club gives you all the savings of an annual travel card, without the upfront cost. Pay monthly and cancel any time – there’s no commitment.

Sign up via the link below using the code GRADTCH, and get an extra £20 off your first monthly payment.



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