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6 Things You Should Never Ask a Psychology Graduate

As a Psychology graduate, it probably feels like you’ve covered so many areas of psych that you actually don’t know anything, apart from maybe how to carry out ANOVA on SPSS (with the step-by-step guidelines of course).

Not only are you left feeling a little clueless, but everyone who you now meet either thinks you’re a genius or that you just wasted three years of your life.

So please prepare yourself for the following questions, because they will be coming your way…



1. “Are you psychoanalysing me right now?”

This has to be the most frequent question any psychology graduate gets asked. The answer we will always be no. But now that you mention it…

2. “Can you interpret my dreams?”

Unfortunately, being a psychology graduate does not come with special powers. We cannot go Inception on you.

3. “Do you think he is in love with me? Should I text him back? What does he mean by that?”

Maybe not the most common question, but we all have that one friend who now thinks you are their personal therapist with a pop-up sofa. Disclaimer: ALL PSYCHOLOGISTS ARE NOT THERAPISTS

4. “So what is it that you want to do, work in a hospital?”

The utter confusion that follows this question when you reply “No” is priceless.

5. “Can you read my body language?”

This is one of those particular questions that you can have fun with, by using a little Punchline Sarcasm: “Oh yea, you see the way Jim’s hand is positioned slightly to the left on his right knee, and the way his back is arched, that means he wants to eat a koala steak while dancing to Lady Gaga”

6. “Isn’t psychology just common sense?”

That is what we want you to think, then you won’t suspect us when we take over the world



Stay strong.

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