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13 Problems Every Royal Holloway Student Will Recognise

Did Postman Isaac walk past you one time and not sing a song to you? #LifeIsCruel

1. There are too many hills.

Going anywhere in Egham without being faced with a hill of some sort, whether it be Egham Hill, Middle Hill, Wedderburn Hill or the back gate, they’re unavoidable.

2. Holloway Prison.

When people ask you where you study and then say, “Oh you go to Royal Holloway! Wait, isn’t that a prison?” No.

3. Humans vs Zombies.

Spending a whole week of uni trying to walk from A to Z, dodging nerf gun bullets like Keanu Reeves.

4. Kingswood.

When you get allocated accommodation at Kingswood (AKA The Dark Side) or if someone asks you to leave the safety of campus to visit them there.

5. In fact, leaving campus for anything.

You only leave campus if you really have to.

6. ‘Popping’ into London.

Royal Holloway, University of LONDON. It’s only a short walk to the station…before you get on the 40 minute train to Waterloo. University of LONDON? Who are you kidding Holloway?

7. Runnymede Chicken and Ribs or Favourite Chicken and Ribs.

Deciding which fried chicken shop you hold your loyalty to.

8. Deciding what to wear or not to wear to Absolute Filth nights at the SU.

9. Egham Essentials.

Going in for some ‘essentials’ and coming out with a sombrero and a pink feather boa.

10. Parking on campus.

Trying to find a parking space on campus is like trying to find a Horcrux, it drives you crazy.

11. Finding a Northern accent.

It is very rare to find a northern Royal Hollowegian at RoHo and the ones you do hear are those crying out in search for other northern accents.

12. Trying to find a quiet spot to work in Bedford.

Oh, you’re looking for somewhere to work in Bedford and it’s after 9am? Too late mate, GAME OVER, today is a write-off, come back earlier tomorrow.

13. But at least we have Founder’s.

Because we all know the biggest problem RHUL Students face is trying to act nonchalant when visitors come and are overwhelmed by Founder’s outstanding beauty.

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Want to write an article like this?

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