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15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Croydon

Croydon sure has a bad reputation, but love it or hate it, there’s never a dull day here.

1. Wondering what happened to the woman who asks for 70p 

A night out in in Croydon circa 2008-2010 wasn’t complete unless this well-known woman was around. She hasn’t been on the scene for quite some time now, we can only hope that she finally found someone who gave her 70p.


2. The incredibly talented street entertainers.

Shopping in Croydon is not just as simple as going from shop to shop – there’s always some kind of instrumental version of ‘Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On’ being played by the most depressing looking band ever, or a group of preachers shouting at you.

my heart will go on

3. The wild nightlife

Tiger Tiger, Yates and Lloyds all right next to each other… why would you go anywhere else?

4. Knowing that, despite our reputation, it’s not all a shithole.

It’s not all just one big ugly town centre, there really are some nice places in Croydon (mostly noticed by dog walkers).



5. Being able to name-drop all the famous people that are from/have lived here.

Kate Moss, JB from JLS, Derren Brown, Dane Bowers, to name a few! It’s basically Hollywood.

6. That ‘Michael Buble is moving to Purley’ rumour that went around.

So, that never happened. Shocker…


7. Never knowing whether to say you’re from Surrey or London.

One address says ‘Greater London’ another says ‘Surrey’. The options are too much to handle.

8. Constantly wondering why nobody has any manners.

Holding the door for someone in Croydon will be rewarded with zero acknowledgement from that person, because you’re just expected to be polite then treated badly for it.

9. How sad it was when Reeve’s Corner burned down in the riots.

WHY. / /

 10. Again, despite our reputation, there are some great places to eat.

South End is filled with restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. See? Croydon ain’t all bad.

Kake Pugh / Creative Commons License / via flickr

11. The stench.

Sometimes (pretty much always) it’s the people that smell bad when you’re shopping in Croydon, but there are some areas, such as the underground walkthrough by Fairfield Halls, that will always smell like pure urine.

12. The horrifying things you overhear.


13. Southern Railway.

“Southern are sorry to announce” …Enough said.

14. Bragging about all the cool things that have been filmed here.

The Bill and Footballer’s Wives were frequently filming in the area, along with the 118, McDonald’s and MoneySuperMarket adverts – but let’s not forget the biggest name drop: faded pop star, Mika’s music video. BIG GIRLS, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

15. That time we were gonna get our own ‘dramality’ show.

TOWIE, MIC move over! ‘Surrey Heights’ is taking over TV screens across the UK! Well, that didn’t go to plan…

Oh, Croydon. 

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