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12 Crushing Life Realities You Weren’t Expecting Thanks To The Sims

The Sims was a large part of our generation’s youth. Saturdays were spent creating happy families, building mansions and climbing career ladders.

The Sims you created had it pretty easy, to say the least. And you found yourself becoming attached to them. The game, however, did give us false hopes for what our adult life would be like.

Here are the 12 crushing realities none of us were expecting because of The Sims.

You won’t be on the housing ladder until you’re 30 – and even then it won’t be pretty.

Building houses was a breeze; you enjoyed it more than any other aspect of the game. Your first home was excessive, luxurious and customised with everything you loved. You longed to actually live in the heaven you created, and counted down the days to adulthood when your awesome virtual life would become a reality.

Sadly, as a twentysomething, you realise that you can’t even afford to move out; you’re stuck with your parents as it’s the easiest thing to do. And when you finally do fly the nest, it’s to rent a dingy flat nowhere near your job or your friends.

You’re surrounded by people you don’t like.

If someone at work or university is getting on your nerves, you may want to put them in a pool and take away the ladder, but unfortunately you’re stuck with them. Unlike on The Sims, which allowed you to dictate individual traits, the real world is full of adults you can’t control. They flake out of events, say things you disagree with, and have an annoying taste in film.

Though it would be worrying if you actually wanted to be as cut-throat with those around you as you were on The Sims.

You have no skills, and learning them is hard.

You Can’t cook? You want more “logic”? Just read a book quickly or play a game of chess by yourself, you’ll have all the skills you need within days.

Sadly this is only true for Sims. You’ve also turned into a bit of a loner after putting all your efforts into talking to the mirror… / /

You’re single and don’t know how to approach who you’re attracted to.

You’ve had your eye on someone for a while, but they stopped talking to you after you tried to give them a back rub. They also didn’t appreciate your flirtatious jokes.

These were sure-fire ways to get someone to like you in The Sims, and you can’t fathom why similar tactics aren’t working for you now. You’re looking for a woohoo, but it’s taking a lot more wooing than you expected.

Getting a job and working your way up to a career will actually take a lot of effort.

You’re still unemployed because you’re limiting your job hunt to reading listings in the local newspaper. The Sims didn’t even have to be interviewed; a car just rolled up and there it was – employment.

If you’re in a job, you’re left wondering why you’re still delivering pizzas. You should be an astronaut by now, right? Promotions are unfortunately scarce in the real world. / /

Things take time, and you’re impatient.

The Sims gave you the chance to speed up time, allowing you to fast-forward through the bad or boring periods. However, in real life, things are quite the opposite – and you’re struggling to cope. The boring aspects of your day last forever, and when you’re enjoying yourself it’s over in a flash.

The Sims has disorientated your sense of time.

Being healthy and staying in shape is really difficult.

When your Sim put on weight, they used the bench press for 20 minutes and hey, presto! They were ripped and looking buff.

You swore to live a similar lifestyle, but have since gotten stuck in a routine of junk food and laziness.

You’re poor and can’t Rosebud your way to riches.

You’re always going to be poor – that is, in comparison to your filthy rich Sim. Despite how easy it was to get a job on the game, you still took the shortcut to a wealthy lifestyle. Your Sims lived lavishly and money was no object.

As an adult, you’ve got the same expensive taste as your Sim, but with none of the Simoleons to pay for it.

People will not forgive you as easily as a Sim will.

Your lack of social skills, due to a lifetime of playing video games and talking to mirrors, means you easily offend people. But it’s okay, you can persist with jokes and dance in their direction until all is forgiven – right?

Wrong. Humans hold grudges far longer than Sims, and you’re left with a long list of enemies.


You can’t do what you want.

The lack of freedom is the most crushing reality. Your Sim could spend all day playing video games, watching TV or simply standing blankly in a room.

But you have commitments – and people calling you a slacker if you don’t stick to them.

Though there are things to be grateful for. At least when your social levels are down, your body will not suddenly malfunction.

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