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9 Student Loan-Friendly Places To Go For a Drink In Lincoln

As a student, drinking and budgeting are two of the most important things you can do. So, needless to say, combining the two is crucial.

Here are the prices of a pint and a vodka and coke at some of the best bars and pubs in Lincoln – now it’s down to you to decide which is best.

1. The Swan

Vibe: student pub, chilled and casual and all profit goes back into the Students’ Union.

🍺 = £2.35

Vodka & coke: £2.75

Best part of this place? The price. And the view. Or both.

Cocktails over looking the Brayford 🙌🏻☀️🍹

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2. Red Five

Vibe: buzzing dance bar withsome great student deals.

🍺 = £3

Vodka & coke: £2 (£1 with a student card)

You (probably) won’t get a better deal this good on bombs anywhere else.

So basically that is 10 bombs each for 7 people. That is the record for Red 5.

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3. The Scene

Vibe: Lincoln’s LGBTQ venue, coffee lounge/bar by day, club by night.

🍺 = £3.10

Vodka & coke: £3 (£1 on Quids-in Tuesdays!)

If you’re looking for a fun night – with all of the right kinds of drama – then this is the scene for you (sorry).

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4. Trebles

Vibe: chill bar, hot place for pres, perfect for three times the amount of alcohol.

🍺 = £3.45

Vodka & coke: £3.80 (for a treble!)

Treble vodkas! Ha! Get it?

Happy valentines 2017 to the one thing that's always there for me 😂😂🍻🍻🍻

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5. Tower Bar

Vibe: student bar with a diner feel, a relaxed atmosphere and all its profits go back into the Students’ Union.

🍺 = £2.35

Vodka & coke: £2.75

Grab yourself some good grub at the same time as getting some cracking drinks deals.


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 6. Walkabout

Vibe: Australian bar specialising in Kangaroo steaks. Popular with students because of the Mates Rates card

🍺 = £3.70 (£2 with Mates Rates card)

Vodka & coke: £3.90 (£2 with Mates Rates card)

Who doesn’t love an Australian themed bar, mate?!

Drinky pops 🍸🍸🎉

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7. Lion & Snake

Vibe: pub with quizzes throughout the week, beer garden overlooking the Cathedral.

🍺 = £2.60

Vodka & coke: £3.35

They provide lovely drinks deals AND great advice.

8. Revolution

Vibe: originally called Vodka Revolution, Revs specialise in many different lines of vodka and their interesting cocktails.

🍺 = £4.10 (£2.50 with Revs card!)

Vodka & coke: £4.70 (£2.50 with Revs card!)

As a student, many bars, pubs and clubs offer student loyalty cards which give you a whole variety of discounts across drinks and even food in some – definitely so in Revs!

9. And lastly, no less than a classic Wetherspoons – or in Lincoln, The Square Sail.

Vibe: your average Spoons pub, but with a great view of the Brayford from upstairs.

🍺 = £2.79

Vodka & coke: £3.15

There’s no forking way you’ll be able to resist Lincoln’s very own Spoons.

Which is your favourite?

  • The Swan
  • Red Five
  • The Scene
  • Trebles
  • Tower Bar
  • Walkabout
  • Lion & Snake
  • Revolution
  • The Square Sail

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