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If Caring For Giraffes All Day Is Your Dream Job, We Have Some Excellent News

When it comes to looking for employment, it’s easy to feel like dream jobs simply do not exist these days. But they do.

If you studied anything other than Zoology or something similar you’re going to want to switch disciplines, because Giraffe Keeper is an actual job and Chester Zoo are currently hiring for one.

Forget worrying that you’re just going to end up selling your soul doing admin in an office for the rest of your debt-ridden graduate life, how about looking after giraffes all day instead?

Imagine a life in which it’s your actual full-time job to care for giraffes, supervise students and volunteers, provide interviews for the media when required, and did we mention spend all day looking at the cute baby giraffe that was born in April last year?

Narus and his knobbly knees 😍 #chesterzoo

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Amongst the requirements for the role, Chester Zoo are looking for someone with a full driving licence (easy to sort), a HND or degree level qualification in a zoological related science (slightly less easy to sort), experience working in a zoo or safari park (I’ve been to the zoo on more than one occasion so…), and expertise in animal husbandry (does looking after my cousin’s cat count?!).

You’d be working 40 hours a week for which you’d earn a salary of £23,148.51 per year and receive an “excellent” benefits package.

If you think you’ve got the necessary skills, you can find out more here.

For the rest of us who are slightly underqualified to be a Giraffe Keeper, here’s what we’re missing out on. 😭


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Bit of a giraffic jam at Chester Zoo 🦒👋

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