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Literally Just 21 Tweets That Sum Up What Living In a Student House Is Really Like

If you’ve ever lived in a student house, you’ll find these tweets extremely relatable.

1. Note to self: toilet roll is a big issue in a uni house…

2. A very big issue, apparently.

3. Enough of the toilet trauma though, what about uni house pets?

4. SpongeBob had a pet snail. Why can’t you?

5. But surely a pet slug is too much?

6. How about a mouse, then?

7. Basically, anything goes in a uni house.

8. Anything.

9. Literally anything.

10. They’re just… so weird.

11. And gross.

12. And cold.

13. And damp.

14. And in need of better sound proofing.

15. They’re basically just really, really, really hard to live in.

16. But, they do at least force you to be innovative.

17. And living in them will definitely force you to be resilient.

18. Besides, it’s not like you never have fun.

19. And at least you have some great stories to tell now.

20. In fact, in spite of all the problems…

21. You’re actually going to really miss living there.

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