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22 Instagrams That Prove The University of Bristol Is The Best Place To Be a Student

There are hundreds of reasons why Bristol is the best place to be a student, but here are some Instagrams that are all the proof you’ll ever need.

1 . The campus architecture is a stunning mix of old…

2. And new.

3. It has ideal places to relax.

4. And to study.

5. If you’re in need of inspiration, there are plenty of spots where you can escape.

Another beautiful day and another beautiful garden. #igersbristol#visitbristol

A photo posted by paul💫 (@paulspics_100) on

6. Or rise above it all in a hot air balloon.

Thanks to the uni’s Hot Air Balloon Society. 🙌

I love U😘#universityofbristol

A photo posted by Yaqi Wang (@iamyaqi) on

7. You won’t be far from this legend.

8. And it’s always worth the walk up here.

9. Bristol itself is a pretty impressive place.

10. With some undeniably cool street names.

There and back again lane

A photo posted by Ben Wong (@bunmun) on

11. And a Banksy graffiti on pretty much every corner.

12. In fact, there’s creativity everywhere. 

13. Bristol Pride is one of the best in the country.

#willsmemorial #bristol #england #rainbowpride #willsmemorialbuilding #universityofbristol

A photo posted by Mimi1981iva (@mimi1981iva) on

14. And the nightlife is legendary.

#lovesavestheday #visitbristol #eastvillepark #bristol #arcadiaspectacular

A photo posted by Laura Sharp (@laura_g_sharp) on

15. There’s even a club on a boat.

It's a nightclub! On a boat! #Bristol #BristolNightlife #Clubbing #Thekla #PopConfessional

A photo posted by Henry Woodgate (@100percenthenners) on

16. You could end up living right where Skins was filmed.

Happy Wednesday from the fam

A photo posted by Skins (@skinsproduction) on

17.  Keeping fit is easy thanks to all the hills.

Although actually walking up them isn’t easy at all. 😅

18. Which is a relief because the food on campus is always on point.

19. Campus looks great in every season.

20. Especially in winter.

21. And you’ll be graduating in this gorgeous hall.

22. Bristol, you’re the best. 👏

Rainbow over the #universityofbristol 🌈

A photo posted by Simon (@reseauloc) on

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