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18 Signs You’re Stuck In A Single Rut

So you’re single and it’s perfect – you really need some ‘you time’. Only for a little bit, then you’ll start dating again. A foolproof plan.

Then, somehow, ‘a while’ turns into well, a lot longer and you find yourself stuck in the wastelands of singleton with no sign of escape.

You’re stuck in a rut.

1. You struggle to find someone to go to the cinema with.

Or trying to do anything with anyone! More often than not you end up having to rely on your friend Michael (Hi, Michael!).

2. Those big family gatherings with the inevitable “Are you STILL single” question.



3. You’re regularly told to stop being so picky.

4. Going on a night out with your friends, who are all in relationships.

It’s hell. You see someone cute. You need your wingman/woman, and they’re all sat down in a dark corner by themselves.

5. Except your only other single friend who pulls effortlessly.

You practically worship the ground they walk on.


6. Your friends will tell you they know someone PERFECT for you.

Yeah, sure you do, just like the last 10 people you tried hooking me up with?

7. Even the briefest encounters make you giddy.

When someone cute simply smiles at you, you get WAY too excited.


8. Trying to flirt with the hot shop assistant and then realising they probably get this all the time.

That’s right, you’ve turned into THAT person.

9. Trying to flirt with anyone and failing miserably.

You’ve lost your game. You don’t know if you ever had any to begin with.

10. You find yourself admiring people of the same sex and hating them simultaneously.

“I bet he/she doesn’t have any problems finding someone.”

11. Engrossing yourself in romantic comedies and wishing your love life was little more like them.

…and then you realise you’re a guy and this is probably why you’re single.

12. Using Tinder or online dating sites and thinking things will be easier there.

They aren’t.

13. Actually developing a crush on someone and having a full blown panic attack about how to even ask them out.

Asking someone out for the first time in months is nothing short of hell. You panic, you mumble, you speak far longer than anyone should ever speak in one sentence.


14. Getting a first date with them and realising you have no idea what you’re doing.

What is conversation? What do words even mean!?

15. All your friends give you contradictory advice about how you should be and what you should do.

“Be yourself, but don’t be yourself” is generally the advice you end up receiving. Thanks, guys.



16. The date being the worst kind of awful and having to starting all over again.

That soul-crushing moment when you know you blew it and you won’t get a chance to have that first date back. Why can’t Richard Curtis’ adorable romantic comedy About Time be a real thing. Why!?


17. You reach a point where you accept you’re never going to find love.

That’s it. You’re going to die alone, there’s nothing else to it.

18. So you reconsider Tinder.

Maybe it’ll be better this time?

You’re still waiting to find out.

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