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12 Signs It’s British Summer Time

We’re currently in the heart of one of the world most unique spectacles. A yearly event which draws large crowds and eager eyes. I’m talking of course about British summertime.

And to a Brit, you know what that means.

1. Whether you flee to the nearest beer garden to enjoy a cold one.

Or join hordes of people in the park with picnics, footballs and of course alcohol to worship that strange, glorious blob of light occupying our sky.



2. Men take their tops off thinking they look like this…

3. When in reality they look like this.



4. The sun comes out for a few glorious days, but we’re all stuck inside working.

5. Then on our days off we don’t do anything.


6. People will give more attention to their gardens and become very protective over them.

7. Gleeful sunbathing will commence…

8. But not a drop of Suncream will be seen.

9. And we will complain it’s too hot.

10. Then it’ll rain. And rain… and rain.

11. And we’ll be mad it isn’t sunny any more.

12. This cycle continues throughout summer, until Autumn comes along and everyone wishes it was August again.

British summertime, you truly are unique and we love you.

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Want to write an article like this?

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