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15 Things Every UEA Student Should Do In 2017

You made it through your first semester at UEA – congrats. But did you actually do that much other than study and socialise? If not, here’s a list of things every UEA student should try to do this year.

1. Join a new society.

The Re-Freshers societies fayre is on 26th January in the Hive/LCR, where you’ll have the chance to meet and talk to that society you never quite got round to joining in September. Academic societies get their turn on the 24th.

2. Take up a sport you’ve never tried before.

The sports fayre is on the 18th January, also in the Hive and LCR.

3. See someone famous at the LCR.

There are a variety of great Re-Freshers events and gigs in the new year.

4. Spend a Friday night at the Waterfront.

If you’ve never been to a club night there on a Friday or Saturday you should probably correct this ASAP.

5. Have a BBQ by the lake.

The weather will soon be getting warmer, and that only means one thing at UEA…

6. Go on a long walk around the edge of campus.

Have you ever ventured over the bridge?

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7. Explore further afield.

So we’ve all been into the city by now, but why not grab some friends and take the train to somewhere by the sea like Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft? Or, take the coach direct from UEA to London…

Good morning #sunrise #seaside #greatyarmouth #england

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8. Visit Career Central.

Book a slot and talk to one of the helpful careers advisers for tips, whatever year you’re in. It’s never too early to start, after all. And if you’re a final year, you know what’s coming this year… 🎓🎓



9. Learn a skill to help you in your future career.

Career Central run loads of free sessions and workshops. Log in to their website, have a browse and see what appeals to you.

10. Do Pimp My Barrow.

It’s the UEA’s best known social event of the year, so make a team and start planning your theme to have fun and raise money for the Big C cancer charity!

11. Enjoy Derby Day.

It’s the highlight of the uni sporting calendar and UEA are hosting this year so even if you’re not sporty yourself, come along and support the various UEA teams as they face Essex. The provisional date is pencilled in for March.



12. Contact your Union Councillor and find out more about what the Union does.

They’re there to help with any concerns you have, or to let you know what the Students’ Union do – there’s one for every society, sports team and academic school.

13. Attend the UEA Literary Festival.

You could even see Ed Balls…

14. See some theatre.

Norwich city centre is home to several cool theatres (Theatre Royal, The Maddermarket, The Playhouse for example) and the UEA Drama Society regularly puts on a variety of performances at uni starring students.

15. Have a go at something totally new.

Run by the uni, Do Something Different Week takes place between 27th February and 3rd March for undergraduates. Read more about it here.

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