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20 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Studying at UEA

It is just wonderful.

1. You can use the library 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So if you need to pull an all-nighter to make that important essay deadline, you can.


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2. You’re only ever a bus ride away from Norwich, which has everything you need…

Two big malls and loads of independent stores, nightlife, cafes, theatres, hairdressers and even a Five Guys – Norwich has the lot.



3. Including some incredibly beautiful architecture…

You can’t call yourself a Norwich resident until a history nerd has dragged you to the Castle and Cathedral.

4. Just like the university itself.

Pink windows? Check. Spiral staircases? Check. Concrete? Check. More concrete? Check. You’ll grow to love it.

5. The student newspaper, Concrete, is pretty great.

Written and edited by students, they’ve broken several big stories recently. The fortnightly newspaper is free to pick up around campus in The Shop, in the lecture theatre foyers and in the entrance to The Hive.

Issue 331 has landed!! You know the drill by now, pick up your free copy on campus!

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6. There’s always something interesting going on in The Hive.

Buy a student-published zine, a cake, some veg, or talk to different groups. You never know what you’ll find.



7. And you can get WiFi in some weird and wonderful places around campus.

Oh look, there it is!



8. Everyone loves the Zigs.

The eighth wonder of the world.

Frosty mornings #ziggurats #winter

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9. And the lake ❤️

10. We even have classes in a giant hay bale with fluff on the ceiling.

Would you get that at Oxford or Cambridge?

11. If you want to get into sport, you won’t struggle to find something that interests you.

We’ve got loads of options for clubs to join and first class facilities at Colney and the Sportspark.

First match of the season and we're supporting BUCS #TakeAStand accepting everyone in sport!

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12. And there’s a society for everyone.

From creative writing to board games. The majority are under a fiver to join, so there’s no excuse not to get involved.

13. You can go to some great gigs at the LCR.

Coasts, Kano, The Fratellis, The Specials, Billy Talent… and that’s just so far this semester!

The Fratellis! #the #fratellis #uea #university #rock #band #rockband #music #musicvideo

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14. And the club nights there are decent too.

One VK please. Actually, better make that six.



15. There’s always a good chance of spying a rabbit, dog, or other cute creature on campus.

Sometimes right outside your window.

16. And the views around UEA in general are ridiculous.


pretty skies at the end of the day #nofilter #ohuea #norwich

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17. There are so many places on campus to eat and drink.

You’ll never be hungry. Until you run out of money in week 6 – then it’s sandwiches and a thermos all the way.



18. For art fans, the Sainsbury Centre is a must.

It’s on campus and offers free membership to students.

early afternoon.

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19. Aside from all that, UEA is a brilliant academic university.

In The Complete University Guide’s latest league table, we’re 14th overall in the country, and top-25 according to both The Times and The Guardian 💪



20. And last, but by no means least, we’ve got two pretty smart Snapchat geofilters.

Snapchat / @tonyallen31

Snapchat / @tonyallen31

Why would you want to study anywhere else?



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