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25 Things All Teachers Are Tired of Hearing

Even before the school day starts you’ve already heard enough. Then comes the rest.

From kids:

1. “It wasn’t me miss.”

I’ve just seen you. It was you. Stop lying to me.

2. “Miss can I go to the toilet?”

3. “Sir, I need a pencil sharpener.”

No you really don’t.

4. “Can I have water?”

5. “Can I have a new sheet?” No, why? “I lost it miss.”

6. “When’s sports day?”

7. “Are we going to do something fun today?”

The answer is always no.

8. “Can we do art?”

How about we learn to write first.

9. “Have we got PE today miss? Is it indoor or outdoor miss? Indoor or outdoor? Miss! MISS!”



10. “How many more minutes to lunch time?”

11. “Sir, do I need my coat outside?”

12. “Should I blow my nose?”

From parents:

13. “I think they need more homework.”

I think you just need to sit down and read with them.



14. When a naughty kid’s parent asks if they’ve been good today and you’re so tired of talking to them.

“Yeah. Sure.”

15. “What is progress…?”

I don’t know exactly, but they haven’t made enough.

16. When they ask you what date the kids are back in.

You could just tell them the wrong day… get an extra day off?

17. When you encounter an ex-teacher parent and they say things like, “I’ve been out of the game for a while but we used to do this…”

Well we don’t do that any more.

From family & friends:

18. “Have you had a good day?”

Cue 2 hours of complaining about the same kid.

19. Then half way through your story they say “who is that child again?” 

I talk about them every night. Keep up.

20. “Are you working Sunday?”


21. “Yeaah, but you have 6 weeks holiday.”

No classroom no opinion.



22. “Your job must be so rewarding.”

23. “Why don’t you just try this…”

There is no simple way to deal with unruly children. Stop trying to tell me it’s simple.

24. Literally anything from an older person.

We don’t whip kids in school any more, grandpa.

25. And when people say, “I think I could teach.” 

Ha. Right.



Want to write an article like this?

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