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13 Stages of Living In Halls, As Told By Step Brothers

Many people think that living in halls is going to be easy, simple and fun – and sometimes it is. But sometimes it also feels a lot like you’re in the film Step Brothers.

1. You move in and don’t know what to do with your new-found freedom.

moving into your room


2. You’re living with people you don’t know and try your best not to make it awkward.

make friends


3. Getting drunk multiple times a week begins to take its toll.

And your new housemates have to save you when you’re suffering from beer goggles.

get drunk


4. But at least you all get to recover from your hangovers together. 

Sitting in front of someone’s laptop binge-watching bad TV because you feel too fragile to move. Hoping that on one will remember how embarrassing you were last night.

5. Despite being close to uni, getting up for early morning lectures is never easy.

When it comes to early starts, it’s a shame you’re not on the bottom of this bunk bed.

rolling out of bed into uni


6. Everyone suffers a severe lack of sleep.

You’re constantly around your housemates, doing things that you probably shouldn’t be doing. By the time you eventually get into bed you can’t help but think about what other stupid things you could be doing.

lack of sleep


7. And your diets aren’t much better.

Just because you have a lot of fridge space doesn’t mean there’s enough room for fruits and vegetables. You have to fit in your sauces, pizzas, butter, and ready made meals. What’s one year on your diet, anyway?

8. You can’t help but embarrass your housemate when they bring someone back.

housemates bring people back


9. You become overly protective of your things.

When you have more than four of every single cooking utensil, plate, spoon, knife, fork, bowl and everything else, it’s hard to know what belongs to who. But you know exactly what is yours, and when someone uses it without asking? They better watch their back.

someone uses your stuff


10. Sometimes you can get really annoyed at your housemates. 



11. Mostly because of the state of your kitchen.

Let’s be honest, you’re constantly used to having a dirty flat, but when your housemates simply refuse to clean up you can easily lose it. Let the rage commence.

dirty living area


12. But really you can never stay mad at them for long.



13. And when it comes to the holidays, you don’t want to pack up and go home.

At first, going home was a nice escape from uni. You could get some sleep, detox and spend some time with your family. But after you get properly settled in halls you realise you never want to leave.




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